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Interview with Memeration iPhone App Maker Woody Batts

by Ian Orekondy on September 5, 2012

Memeration App Launch Interview w Woody BattsOne of the things that I love about living in New York City is that there’s always someone you know doing something cool, especially in the digital space.  The New York digital scene is really exploding right now, and NYC is home to hundreds of pretty awesome digital startups including Foursquare, Tumblr, Skillshare and many others as you can see with the “Made in New York Digital Map”, and the NY Tech Meetup’s collection of internet companies made with ♥ in NYC.

Woody Batts, owner of Batts Creative and a former colleague of mine, is a prolific designer, creative director, painter, illustrator and now iPhone app creator.   Woody”s currently focusing on creative direction at the US Open, yet he found time last week to launch a brand new iPhone app, called Memeration.  The app essentially allows iPhone users to make their  iPhone photos as meme-worthy as all of those cat photoz on Facebook.  And it’s incredibly simple to use (and a bargain at just $.99 in the App Store.)

Woody was nice enough to answer a few questions I had for him about his inspiration for the app, how it was developed and how he’s promoting it.  If you’re an aspiring iOS app-maker, my interview with Woody reveals some of the things you just might need to know to make it into the App store.

IO: What inspired you to create Memeration?

WB: One night I took a series of pictures of myself making silly faces that I could text back to my friends. I thought to myself there has to be an app that allows me to create my own meme with my own photos. Unfortunately the apps I found were expensive or didn’t have the features as I desired so I decided to make my down app, Memeration.

IO: What are your goals with the app?  What do you hope to learn as people use it?

WB: I would really like for people to be able to use the app not only to make jokes but also create social commentary within jokes.  I like to think of the app as a court jester…something that can tease and make fun of issues that are actually quite important.

An example would be of me taking a photo of the 7 train here in New York City and adding the text “Drop of rain falls, stops running.”  I could then tweet that meme to the MTA with the hopes that they would understand that they should be better prepared for rain and the 7 train.

Fortunately my hopes for the app are starting to be achieved. I see more and more people using the app to create inside jokes to share with themselves and their friends. I have a few friends I share an inside joke with about the awesome liquor beverage Four Loko. We create memes and share them via text messaging. I have been receiving the memes from my customers who are doing the same…but with Hypnotiq, Guinesss…there’s a liquor theme here lol!

IO: Describe the development process.

WB: Through my interactive business Batts Creative, I have a wonderful programmer Jeffrey, who assists me in building my interactive projects. He’s awesome! This app in Made in NY!

IO: Who did you partner with?

WB: I do not have a partner.

IO: What tools were especially helpful/necessary to develop Memeration?

WB: My Moleskin sketchbook. I have been keeping a sketchbook since I was 14 and developed all of y wireframes and concepts there.

I also incorporated a custom font I built years ago into the typography. For the main design I used Adobe CS6.

IO: How long did it take?

WB: 3 months

IO: What costs were involved?

WB: A lot.

IO: What happened during the development process that surprised you?

WB: Facebook’s API recently changed as we were in the process of launching. We had to reconfigure the app to accommodate this change.. No biggie!

IO: How are you promoting Memeration?

WB: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…mainly social media channels. I will be reaching out to blogs this week to help get the word out.

IO: What promotional channels are working best?

WB: Twitter is very very helpful. Also blogs are extremely helpful for getting the word out beyond your circle of friends.

IO: What’s your next project?

WB: Through my art studio I am launching a new T-Shirt the “I Skull NY” this will be available next week. I am also negotiating in having my eyewear “The Ambitious Outsider” mass produced, through my interactive company Batts Creative we are developing a new interactive tool for UNICEF and finishing up some design work for the website…I’m a busy bee!

IO: Thanks Woody!

Made In NYC iPhone iOS App MemerationMemeration iPhone App - Sup PlayaMemeration - Share on Facebook and Twitter

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Cleverly inserting social media in your business launching strategy is an absolute must nowadays. If you are interested in learning how to get closer to the billion Facebook users all across the world or at least in the area your business will be serving, by all means, start doing it! Start by creating an excellent Facebook page for your business and fully optimize it for maximum results.     


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Great new slideshow on how social impacts search engine queries, links, ranking and traffic. From Rand Fishkin over at Including content tactics, Google+ tactics, Facebook and Twitter strategies, as well as integrated approaches and case studies.

Social Media for SEO in 2012
View more presentations from Rand Fishkin

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