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Making the most of the internet

by Ian Orekondy on December 31, 2008

The internet is the thing that makes commerce go these days. Never mind how it got to be this way. Fact is, it’s here and we have come to rely on it. From the simplest day-to-day information, such as traffic and weather reports, to the most important life-changing ventures, like shopping for a home or investing in the stock market, we go to the screen and call up the stuff we need. And there is a ton of “stuff” out there. That’s why we have our “favorites” lists or whatever to taper the confusion. We know that we can go to Behind The Hustle to get inspiration – and a little entertainment – on careers. Behind The Hustle helps new entrepreneurs find and take advantage of opportunities that lead to the potential for success. It’s a good example of how the internet can serve us in unique, imaginative ways.



Unique forms of tradition

There are plenty of other instances in which the internet has taken the traditional and opened new, unique avenues. Something as common as the lottery has even been transformed by online access. Playing “the numbers” has for years been a popular pastime, from the days when “runners” roamed the streets collecting for organized crime, to the present-day generators of revenue for the government. (We won’t parse the differences here.) But the lottery, for many people, has been a simple matter of picking up a couple of tickets at the corner store and crossing their fingers. Our online world has changed that. With the internet, lottery players have access to games worldwide, and this has created a segment of high-volume numbers players. It seems far-fetched to think that so many people could find strategies for success in random numbers. But these big-time players use all sorts of money-management techniques to marginalize their losses and parlay their wins. Of course, being an all-out lottery player is in no way a career choice. But the sheer popularity of online lottery play has steered a traditional pastime into a new direction. That’s why the websites that provide services to lottery players have carved out a niche that makes for a good example of how the internet has provided new ways of making money.

The niche thing

That’s right; there are online destinations devoted solely to relaying information to international lottery players. These sites ostensibly serve as places to go to get past lottery results from any game anywhere. But they offer more than past lottery results. They provide lists of lotteries with the best jackpots and the best odds, offer tips and guides for playing the games, and they have all sorts of information on payment and withdrawal options. The sites even have little tools like number generators to help make a player’s decisions a little easier. And the sites have software to make themselves compatible not only to PC users, but users of smartphones and tablets as well. They’re like full-service “shopping centers” for online lottery players.

Naturally there are restrictions for people who are high-volume players. Some states, provinces and nations that sponsor lotteries accept players from anywhere, while others accept only residents from within their borders. In turn, some players may not be able to participate in games outside of their state or nation. So the same sites that offer past lottery results also note the restrictions that apply to most any place in the world. But taking the simple lottery game and creating a new commercial venture exemplifies the flexibility of the internet and how it has transformed traditional ways of doing things.

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