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Combining Search and Social Media with Offline Radio Campaigns

by Ian Orekondy on February 8, 2009

Now that we’re past the Super Bowl, I thought it would be interesting to highlight an example of how a major brand is integrating search, social and CRM with an ongoing offline radio campaign.

The example I bring to you is Pampers’ Pullups’ “Do the Potty Dance” campaign, which leverages radio to create awareness, search to capture interest and social media to engage online via video, message board forums, e-cards, as well as offline by providing tools and tips to help parents and children learn the actual dance steps to the “Potty Dance” :)

I discovered the radio spot this past Saturday night on 102.7 FM, a 90s station in NYC (note: this was the cab driver’s selection, since I usually listen to whatever the cab driver is playing, as a way to break free of my self-created media consumption routine.) The spot may have gotten my attention due to the fact that I currently know at least two families with toddlers undergoing potty training.

After hearing the radio spot while in the cab, the only phrase that stuck in my mind was “potty dance.” Curious, I searched for the phrase on Google via my iPhone from the cab, and voila: PullUps was running paid search text ads on the keyword “potty dance”:

Great for them because there is almost no competition for this keyword and so are probably paying almost nothing to get the top ad position.

When I click, I’m taken to

From here, they provide multiple ways for search visitors to engage socially: learn the dance, send an e-card, even talk to each other via message board forums:

Some message boards, like “Starting Out” have over 26,000 views and almost 1000 posts.
They’ll also be launching a contest to further engage both parents and children by encouraging them to learn the dance and submit videos.

Of course, they uploaded the video to their recently created YouTube Channel:

Though they do not appear to be promoting the videos within YouTube yet, Pampers PullUps’ PottyDance YouTube Video has already been viewed 347 times in just 3 days.

It will be interesting to watch the latest search trends to see how this campaign ultimately impacts search volume. For now, it’s still too early to tell:

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