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Dos and Don’ts of Web Design

by Ian Orekondy on September 14, 2009

Websites are a
must these days. They’re so obligatory that people’s businesses practically can’t
exist (or hope for any serious profit) without having your very own sanctuary
in the wide world of web.

 So what makes a
good website? Like everything in the world, there are no hard and fast rules. Tastes are not to be discussed, but there are
some common elements that all sites should(n’t) do. The list below is far for
comprehensive, and many web developers probably would add many items from their
personal experience.



  • Having
    a Flash intro.
    This has
    fallen into disfavor, and thankfully so. Flash intros always mean that you
    have to wait for the animation to end, and you can be certain that huge
    majority of people will gladly click the ‘skip’ button.
  • Pop-ups.
    Pop-ups that aren’t
    related to the site content can get extremely irksome, and good deal of
    them get blocked by any antivirus worth its salt.
  • Horrible
    There is a degree of certainty that online marketers today don’t
    make ads to promote products, but to make them as horrible as possible in
    order to force people to buy ad-free version of the site. Just don’t.
  • Forcing
    people to join.
    While it
    is definitely a good thing for the site to have many subscribers, actually
    forcing people to sign up will make them use your site for their purpose
    and hatefully leave it behind the split second its services are no longer
    required. Ask people to join only if that’s the only way for the site to
  • Comic
    While this cutesy font may be good for children, it is
    extremely kitschy anywhere else. Using Times New Roman is also to be
    avoided, as it implies that the web designer is too lazy to find some
    prettier font.



  • Quality
    Not much to say
    about this, but this is the sole reason people to come to sites and stay
  • Social
    network logins.
    This is a
    great neat trick to make people join a site as it isn’t tedious. It
    literally takes a couple of clicks and voila, the site recognizes my
    Facebook profile.
  • Tasteful
    While having a
    bad design might be off-putting, the design that a lot of effort was put
    into will surely make people linger a while longer.
  • Ad-free
    Ads, even when
    done properly, always kind of stick out. If you don’t plan to earn by site
    visits, don’t put any types of ads.

So there you have it,
the most basic intro to the fun world of web design. The best way is to learn
from your experience: simply visit a couple of sites that you really like and
jot down what makes them click. There are tons of opportunities out there to
make a site that’s reliable, pleasant to the eye and a delight to one
aesthetics. For one such example, check out this page on Plazawin casino and
make some conclusions on your own.

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