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Pharma Branded Paid Search Ads Declined Following April FDA Warning Letters

by Ian Orekondy on October 26, 2009

Total Sponsored Link Exposure for Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Average Link Exposures per Month
Total U.S. Home/Work/University Location
Source: comScore, Inc.
  Average Total Exposures (000)
Mar-09 Apr-09 May-09 Jun-09
Sponsored Link Exposure 11,861 3,244 2,895 1,924
Unbranded Link Exposure 1,582 1,419 1,337 1,028
Vanity Link Exposure 3,545 3,038 3,568 3,170

Many pharma brands have yet to navigate the implications of the FDA Letters.  What ComScore’s study fails to show is how many pharma brands’ paid search campaigns have re-emerged and are now successfully driving traffic with new paid search strategies.  Brands with strong paid search agencies with deep pharma expertise re-launched as early as May.
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