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Reddit Launches Beta Ad Program – Pay Per Share of Voice

by Ian Orekondy on November 24, 2009

Reddit has launched a new beta ad program offering paid listings (not display banner ads) for a minimum buy of $20. Your “bid” determines your share of voice on the reddit homepage, not your cost per click.

It’s similar to the recently-launched Digg Ads beta in that the ad format mimics actual site content (reddit listings) and targeting options are still quite limited (bidding for homepage share of voice, not by category or keyword).

Are you interested in this social PPC-like traffic source? To apply to the beta program, email

The kind folks at Filmaster Blog shared their case study info with actual impression and clickthrough data. Check it out here:

And MediaBistro has some interesting thoughts on how it will play out:

Here is reddit’s blog announcement:

Quantcast tells us that Reddit has 2.2 monthly users (tiny compared to Digg’s 10 million). Demo skews toward white males 18+.

I was going to ask: What types of products/services do you think would be the best fit for reddit’s new ad platform? But considering the demo data above, I’m not sure I want to know, but knock yourself out. Might be interesting.

Quantcast data here:

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