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SEO 101

by Ian Orekondy

(In development)

Tactical SEO Framework

Crawl –> Index –> Rank


Ensuring your site is search-engine spider-friendly. Several SEO crawl analysis tools exist to help you quickly understand how accessible your site is to search engines, so you can diagnose potential crawling issues to fix immediately.


the indexation process

This full interview with Matt Cutts contains essential information.


Page Rank Calculation:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)) (Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s Stanford paper (on the Anatomy of Google’s algorithm, at least as it were when they built Google)

Ranking Factors:

external or internal links,


site architecture factors

brand authority

What Causes a Page to Rank? (additional reading)

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