Wednesday, June 22, 2005

LivePerson conversation at Vermont Country Store web site

Ian Orekondy: OK. I'm looking to get my mom a gift. What's your best-selling product that she might like?
Donna M.: Our best selling items include Evening in Paris Cologne or Parfum and Tangee Lipstick.
Donna M.: Many of our customers have requested we locate items they remember, so we now have a webpage of Customer Requests, you may want to take a look at it.
Ian Orekondy: how do I find that page?
Donna M.: On the Home page there is a drop down menu of "other ways to shop", please click on that and scroll to Customer requested to be taken to that page.
Donna M.:
Were you able to locate that section ? Is there any other way in which I may be of assistance ?
Ian Orekondy: yes, I found it.
Ian Orekondy: What is the difference between customer requested and customer favorites?
Donna M.: Great. Customer favorites may include items our buyers found and offered that our customers really liked. Customer requested items our buyers hunted for at the request of our customers.
Ian Orekondy: Neat. It sounds like you really listen to your customers. Thanks for your help!


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