Wednesday, June 22, 2005

LivePerson conversation at Vermont Country Store web site

Ian Orekondy: OK. I'm looking to get my mom a gift. What's your best-selling product that she might like?
Donna M.: Our best selling items include Evening in Paris Cologne or Parfum and Tangee Lipstick.
Donna M.: Many of our customers have requested we locate items they remember, so we now have a webpage of Customer Requests, you may want to take a look at it.
Ian Orekondy: how do I find that page?
Donna M.: On the Home page there is a drop down menu of "other ways to shop", please click on that and scroll to Customer requested to be taken to that page.
Donna M.:
Were you able to locate that section ? Is there any other way in which I may be of assistance ?
Ian Orekondy: yes, I found it.
Ian Orekondy: What is the difference between customer requested and customer favorites?
Donna M.: Great. Customer favorites may include items our buyers found and offered that our customers really liked. Customer requested items our buyers hunted for at the request of our customers.
Ian Orekondy: Neat. It sounds like you really listen to your customers. Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

PR University's Guide to Blogging

This is a blog that was created during a great PR University webinar...full of useful links...not sure how long this site will stay active, but it's worth checking out.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sweet Mountain Dew/Xbox Promotion

Microsoft and Mountain Dew giving away 9,000 Xbox 360 consoles later this year

... just like we said they would, Microsoft and PepsiCo confirmed that they will indeed be doing a massive Xbox 360 promotion later this year where they’re giving away a console every ten minutes for nine weeks beginning in August. Hope you really like Mountain Dew, because to win you’ll have to use codes found under bottle caps of specially marked bottles of Mountain Dew to enter these regular online drawing they’re going to be holding at launches Geocaching Contest

Coming Soon: The Jeep Geocaching Challenge

Be sure to come back in June to learn about the Jeep Geocaching Challenge—featuring tougher challenges and new 2005 Jeep Travel Bugs!

In the meantime, sign up for updates to find out when a 2005 Jeep Travel Bug is dropped in your area. Plus, you can still track the progress of last year's yellow Jeep 4X4 Travel Bugs.

Not yet into the geocaching craze? Learn more at>>