Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pharmaceutical Marketers Can Leverage Twitter Search and Social Media Today

Looking to monitor your brand within social media? Want to know what people are saying right this moment? Ok - there are a number of tools on the market that help marketers monitor their brands in social media; and in July, Twitter acquired Summize and then relaunched it as Go ahead and try it. Search you brand name. Try your category.

People are passionate. People are talking...about you and your brand. But now what? Will you join the conversation? Will you use Twitter as an RM tool? As a recruiting tool? As a PR tool?

Pharmaceutical companies have multiple marketing objectives, including brand awareness, driving new prescriptions, increasing adherence and compliance, even recruiting participants for their clinical trials.

Here's what healthcare patients have been saying about Lyrica (pregabalin) a drug treatment for fibromyalgia, diabetic nerve pain, partial onset seizures in adults, as well as other conditions.

Can you see the value here? If not, I'm sure your relationship marketing (RM) team can. If your search marketing team is not yet providing this type of actionable information, ask your PR team.

Do a social media search here to see what people are saying about your pharma brand right now on Twitter.

This is a great opportunity for search marketers to help our clients see and capture immediate value with search and social media, because it's so simple, clear and concrete. To build on this next week, we'll explore examples of how big brands are already engaging their most passionate consumers, and we'll also look at how we can make Twitter programs immediately measurable with Google Analytics.

If you want to get a head-start, check out this list of how big brands are using search and social media. Thanks to Erik for the link!