Friday, August 29, 2008

Retailers Using Twitter: Integrating Search, CRM, Social and Mobile

Let's take a closer look at how online retailer is leveraging search, social media, mobile, and Web 2.0 features to drive sales of the Orion Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooker (relevant as we head into Labor Day weekend).

Last night at midnight, I received my daily (CRM) tweet (social) from Woot on my iPhone (mobile) highlighting the Orion Stainless Steel Outdoor cooker. At work the following day, I Google (search) Orion Stainless Steel Outdoor cooker, and what's the first organic result?

Woot's latest blog post for the you-guessed-it: Orion Stainless Steel Outdoor Cooker.

So I click.

Intriqued by the blog post, I click on "Discuss" which brings me to a really cool Web 2.0 page showing me a breakdown of sales since the tweet went out last night. I get sales stats by time (notice the pop right after the tweet was sent), geography, and Woot member seniority. How's that for "social proof"!?

Clearly, this integration of CRM, social, mobile and search is driving business results. The tweets, emails, podcasts and RSS feeds PUSH the message out to those who've opted in, search PULLs interested shoppers, the blog drives search results and further engages shoppers, and the Web 2.0 features close the deal. Brilliant.

P.S. Anyone using Lively yet?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Retailers - are you using Twitter?

Online retailer Woot uses Twitter to post daily deals via Twitter. Over 13,000 people follow Woot's deal tweets. See

Bricks and mortar retailers, especially high-end exclusive shops, could leverage this willingness on the part of consumers to opt-in to receive relevant messages.

Leveraging location-based technology available on cell phones like the iPhone allows retailers to broadcast exclusive opportunities to say, mobile users within a 2 mile radius of the store.

How can we test this?

How about an 11am tweet from an iPhone at Sak’s Fifth Avenue Location:

“Be the first to Pre-Order from Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2009 Collection. Come in to Saks Fifth Avenue before 5pm today to receive a special gift.”

Twinkle from Tapulous allows users to receive Tweets sent within 2-,5-,10-mile radius' of the user's real-time on their mobile phone.

How else could you test this low-cost, potentially high-impact tactic? And do you have a broader social media strategy for your retail operation?