Monday, November 03, 2008

Search and You Shall Receive

[Note: I've recently noticed a surge in Google traffic to Search and Social Media from people searching for Pharma-related keywords. I've also found that these searchers are more engaged with the content than other readers, so in an effort to deliver relevant content to this audience, this week's post continues our recent focus on issues related to Pharma search and social media.]

As new media marketers in the pharma vertical know all too well, legal and regulatory issues must be thoroughly understood and addressed before any new media opportunity can become a reality.

To help get you started, here are a few valuable resources I think will help you understand and plan around the key issues involved with social media in the pharma space, including:

- adverse events reporting
- off-label promotion
- fair balance.

TNS Media Intelligece and Cymfony's White Paper:
"Connecting with Patients, Overcoming Uncertainty" - The industry’s first white paper that provides strategies to help drug firms harness social media without violating DTC promotion regulations.

Next Generation Pharmaceutical brought this great whitepaper to my attention (also from TNS and Cymfony): Making the Case for A Social Media Strategy in Healthcare

Bunny Ellerin also has a good blog on Social Media as it relates to Healthcare and Life Sciences.

From the FDA: FDA's 4 Criteria for AE Reporting