Monday, June 29, 2009

Kindle Blogs - The New Blogging Platform

The next big blogging platform is not WordPress,TypePad or's the Amazon Kindle.

Citigroup Analyst Mark Mahaney estimates that Amazon sold over half a million Kindles last year, and over 275,000 books are available, including all 112 New York Times best-sellers, as reported by
Fast Company's July/August 2009 issue.

What Fast Company didn't report in that article is that the Kindle is also a platform for journals, newspapers and...blogs.

While WordPress and TypePad offer all sorts of ways to make your blog stand out from a design perspective, the Kindle is a blogging platform where
worse is better.

The really cool part is that Amazon is helping the authors and content creators to monetize their content, a continuuing struggle for most online content creators, especially traditional newspapers.

By the way, here's what Search and Social Media looks like formatted as a Kindle Blog:

And if you've got an iPhone, Amazon offers the Kindle iPhone App for FREE! It's pretty awesome. I've got The Alchemist downloaded and ready for my daily rides on the E train from Jackson Heights to Tribeca, and on New Jersey Transit from Penn Station to Hamilton.

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