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Five Examples of Twitter Promoted Tweets in the Financial Services, Retail, CPG, and Entertainment Industries

by Ian Orekondy on September 25, 2010

Since launching Promoted Tweets in April, Twitter has kept the program in a fairly tight state of beta.  Finding information on the results of these campaigns has been difficult, so if you have research that points to results, please share.  In the meantime, here are 5 examples of various strategies that companies are using to leverage Twitter Promoted Tweets:   

Financial Services – Twitter Promoted Tweets Example – Zecco 

Zecco uses Promoted Tweets as an awareness-builder and a tool to engage the target audience when they search on Twitter for both branded and unbranded keywords (e.g. branded: zecco, unbranded: $vix).   

Financial Services Promoted Tweet Example

 The strategy for Zecco is to come to the trader — rather than drive the trader to the Web site. According to Zecco CEO Mark Ranieri

For Zecco, Promoted Tweets is more of an awareness-building marketing channel than a customer acquisition one. It’s an interesting new way for us to expose a broader population of investors to the unique value and investing insight they can get at Zecco. Currently, Zecco uses an integrated marketing strategy consisting of a mix of acquisition marketing, social media, and branding and other communication activities, with the bulk of the focus on customer acquisition via SEM.”

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) / Retail – Twitter Promoted Tweets Example – Starbucks

Starbucks is promoting their tweets on both branded (e.g. keyword: Starbucks) and unbranded keywords (e.g. keyword: coffee) to keep Starbucks top of mind among people searching for relevant keywords on Twitter.

Promoted Tweet Example on an Unbranded Keyword

   Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) – Twitter Promoted Tweet Example – Red Bull  Red Bull’s strategy with Twitter Promoted Tweets is to connect it’s on-site content (e.g. photo galleries of Red Bull sponsored events) to the Twitter community: 

Promoted Tweet Example - Red Bull Entertainment Industry - Twitter Promoted Tweets Example - DisneyPixarTwitter Promoted Tweet Example - Entertainment Industry - Disney Entertainment Industry - Television - Twitter Promoted Tweets Example - Bravo Bravo uses Twitter Promoted Tweets to increase engagement among fans of its shows who either search explicitly on Twitter or people who are participating in the conversation via the use of hashtags (e.g. #realhousewives): Bravo Promoted Tweet

So far, the results of these efforts have not been widely publicized, so if you know of any case studies, please share!



  • Have you seen other examples worth noting?
  • How can we research Twitter Search Trends (not just mentions of keywords on Twitter)? In other words, is there a tool like Google Keyword Tool for Twitter that shows how frequently people are actually searching for specific keywords on Twitter?
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