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Recommended Reading: Social, SEO and The Social Graph: What to Do Now – New Whitepaper from Gigya

by Ian Orekondy on September 30, 2010

Social Search – Recommended Reading (either before or after watching the Social Network):

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Have you been wondering about Facebook Search, Facebook Likes, and how to leverage them for your business?  Maybe you’ve heard of Twitter Annotations, Social Objects, or Semantic Search even?  Well, it all ties back to Social Search and it’s getting bigger and bigger  (even if Facebook Credits has a way to go).

So check this out: Gigya just released a new whitepaper that blew my socks off today.

Note: I am NOT affiliated with Gigya (although I have had discussions with them for various clients in the past), but I HIGHLY recommend this paper to any readers of this site:
The Gigya whitepaper covers:

  • Where social and search intersect
  • The Open Graph and social network search
  • What you need to know about the Facebook Like and Twitter Annotations
  • Action items for websites today

I really can’t do the whitepaper justice by just mentioning highlights, so I recommend you download the whitepaper here:

If you like what see, feel free to Like this page on Facebook.  There’s even a handy box to the right…just click Like, and then let me know if you’d like a free T-shirt.  If there’s enough interest, I bet I could convince NYC Pop Artist  M.Dreeland to design something cool for us.

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