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by Ian Orekondy on July 18, 2012

Let’s say that you are running a firm and that your firm is a start up so you need to grow your public and you don’t know what to do. Probably you heard of service companies that build advertising campaigns but you don’t have a big budget to spend.

Well, this is a very common situation. Don’t feel embarrassed if your starting budget is not that big and you can’t afford anything but the really necessary things. Just know that a big firm starts always from a small firm! Step by step you will have to do all you can to enlarge your public and therefore your potential clients.


To start up

How to start up to grow your public? What to do first?

If the world of PR is unknown to you, don’t throw your energy away. Just make a research and find more in internet: here you can find a big quantity of news about advertising.

You can start from having a look to your concurrency and consider what they do. What is in your opinion worth to do? What is wrong or inefficient?

Then, go back to your website and change what you think it’s necessary to change.


Social networks

Now, let’s think to the public.

What kinds of users or clients are you looking for? Are they old aged? Young aged? Are they foreigners?

Open a page on the most clicked social network and start to gain fans, post regularly and tell them what’s new. If you run a gambling firm, suggest your fans to try   and add pictures to each post. You will be shared, liked and commented and this will brings more fans to your firm.

Stay in touch with people and show them the positive points in buying your services and products.



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