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Social Media Marketing – The Marketing Godsend

by Ian Orekondy on December 18, 2012

Social media marketing is something most businesses should
already be adopting by now. If you haven’t adopted it, then you should have at
least considered this type of marketing and its vast benefits to your company
and campaign.

Social media marketing is in itself a godsend, for various
different reasons. For example, take the sheer presence of a company Facebook
page. Thanks to great insight tools, you are able to discover many important
things about the people who like your page and by association, your company.
This can arm you with demographics, interests, locations and even active social
media times of your audience which will not only help you better plan future
advertising and marketing campaigns, but will eliminate a chunk of market
research time and cost.

In addition to this, social media accounts allow us to
engage with our audiences far more easily. By simply tweeting a couple of times
a day, or adding a Facebook status update, you can encourage engagement with
consumers, and in turn easily build a great brand following at very little

And this is all of course before you even get to the stage
of posting adverts on social media, running competitions, or engaging in any
other traditional online marketing practices.

One example of an industry which has embraced social media
marketing to its utmost advantage is the online bingo industry. In a sea of
bingo brands, you’ll find that most have one or more social media pages, and
any site worth its salt will ensure they create at least one engaging post,
status or tweet per day.

You only have to look on sites like to find out
more about the screeds of bingo sites out there and their community involvement
in terms of social media, as well as the different online marketing tactics
they employ.

Although this is just one industry where social media
marketing has flourished, there are many more industries which are either
already benefitting from this or could stand to gain so much by investing a
little time and effort in social media marketing. Maybe it could be your
marketing godsend? 

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