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The Heart of Marketing

by Ian Orekondy on March 5, 2013

Of all the ways to look at search optimization and social marketing, quite arguably the best approach puts something very simple before click-through rates and ROI. Rather than just assume that the design and marketing teams will create adequate value for end users, why not actually put the simple principle of delivering value with transparent ad tactics at the top of the priorities for search/social strategy?




Real Value



We don't just mean honest-sounding copy (which users at some level know has been designed in that voice). We mean a top-down strategy that puts real honesty (about the product, its audience's needs, and so on) at the forefront. You may be wondering why this should be a foundational approach. 


The reason you might consider is that the entire playing field for marketing and reaching consumers has changed radically, in favor of the consumers and media sharers. Therefore the simple logic is that a marketing philosophy should match the platform, and the new expectations and ethics of audiences using it to connect with brands.


People want the truth. They want facts, beautifully laid out, which supply them with the right information to proceed with brand discovery on their own terms. People want choices, too.



Honesty Sells Best



The easiest and best way to achieve high truth factor with social campaigns is to live up to the media and technology, basically.


Can you think of any prior age when people were the media and had such intimate access to the media technology?


Have we seen any outstanding examples of new school marketing that fulfills people's need for high truth and less coercive messages? What if that was the norm? What if it already is the new norm? Maybe the advertising professionals steeped in the previous era of quasi-Freudian marketing have only to evolve a bit, and catch up with a public who has moved on


Today's best audiences are no longer mere consumers; nobody who treats them that way any longer will not be successful doing Web and SEO-oriented outreach.



Adapt or Fall Away



There is really no time to waste in adopting a more honest and transparent entire marketing philosophy — even for pragmatic types, this will be the best way to reach performance and profit goals. The reason is that it matches the current mindsets of the audiences in a somewhat universal way.


Need proof? Even many (the successful) online and mobile casinos have learned how to adapt to new customer expectations in terms of services and trust. If you wouldn't mind seeing this up close for yourself, go to the website, which is where we go to take a peek at that enormous online industry.


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