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How to grow your firm public

by Ian Orekondy on July 2, 2013

Once you
decided to open your own firm or company sooner or later you will have to face
the problem of the growth of the public. Having more public means automatically
to have more chances to get clients who will buy your services or products.

Today, with
the internet it’s easier to reach a
larger public
and to let people from abroad know about your firm and
products. You may open a blog, a website and free pages on social networks

First steps

Be careful if
you are a beginner and the world of the PR is still unknown to you. to avoid
any bad surprises and to make all steps the right way, you should think to get
information and, why not?, to have a look at your concurrence. You will think
this is weird, but it’s not! Looking at your concurrence will help you getting
a better idea of what you should do and what you should avoid to do. Look at
their websites and think about what makes them successful and what you’d rather

Now, go
back to your own website and you will see that you’ll have the ideas clear.

At the
beginning you have to understand what kind of people are you looking for as to
clients: are they young people, teens? Or more likely adults? Or probably other
firms in your field?

Consider those
people who are likely to need your services or who would become your partners.

Build up a

Now, you
have to build up a net of contact. Open free pages on social networks that are
worldwide known and where you could have a large number of chances. Share your
page link and invite people to visit your website. This casino will give you an idea of
what we mean.

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