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Five Examples of Twitter Promoted Tweets in the Financial Services, Retail, CPG, and Entertainment Industries

Since launching Promoted Tweets in April, Twitter has kept the program in a fairly tight state of beta.  Finding information on the results of these campaigns has been difficult, so if you have research that points to results, please share.  In the meantime, here are 5 examples of various strategies that companies are using to leverage Twitter Promoted Tweets:    [...]

Mobile Social Communications Conference – #BDI Recap Summary Highlights

The Business Development Institute hosted the Mobile Social Communications Conference on Wed. Sept, 15th in New York City.  This was a great experience with some truly innovative speakers as well as a large group of attendees who are actually driving real business results and utilizing mobile social technologies at the forefront of the industry, including FourSquare Co-founder Naveen Selvadurai, [...]

Summer Update – Ian Orekondy

What I’ve been up to recently: Choosing my projects – focusing on enjoyable work. 1. Lots of freelance work. It’s always been my dream to have my own business, and freelancing this summer has given me a real taste for it. I’ve been very fortunate to have such a strong group of former colleagues in [...]

Twitter Advertising/Search Marketing Platform To Launch TODAY!

It’s 3:36am in New York, so this will be short and sweet.  I had to post something; my blog wouldn’t be worthy of it’s name if I didn’t post immediately on what I think will be one of the most disrupting (in a great way) stories of the year: Twitter finally unveils it’s advertiser model [...]

3 Ways to Improve Pharma Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Bounce Rates (Part 3)

  (; taken by Andrew Davidhazy) Part One of the “Pharma Bounce Rate” Series explores why bounce rate is an important KPI for pharmaceutical search engine marketing campaigns: pharma sites are “content sites” typically designed to educate patients and healthcare providers, so if site visitors are not clicking deeper into the site, bounces indicate wasted [...]

Pharma Bounce Rate Series – Part Two: How the FDA Letters on Paid Search Impacted Pharma Site Bounce Rates

Pharma Bounce Rates: Did the FDA Warning Letters on Paid Search Have An Impact?

Pharma SEM Bounce Rate Series – Part One: Why Is Bounce Rate Important to Pharma SEM (PPC) Search Campaigns?

Higher bounce rates mean less-educated patients and inefficient advertising spend. Without the ability to directly track sales of pharmaceuticals on pharma online brand websites, engagement metrics like bounce rate become increasingly important as a measure of success for pharma SEM campaigns. (Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person [...]

Digg Labs Unveils Digg 365

Digg 365 allows you to see the Top Stories (by Diggs) for each day, month and year for the past 5 years.  Could Digg 365 help Digg Ads advertisers create better Social PPC ads by helping them understand what types of stories/headlines are most successful during different times of the year?  To try it out, [...]

Stumble Upon Advertising (Cost Per Visitor) Enables Targeting by Category, Geo and Demo

Stumble Upon Advertising: $.05 Cost Per Visitor, Lower Conversion Rates Than Paid Search (Click the logo above to see Stumble Upon’s demo video) Stumble Upon Advertising is interesting in that it provides real-time feedback (both qualitative and quantative) on your ads. Quantitative: Visitors, % Liked, % Disliked Qualitative: actual user comments on your page To [...]

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